Sustainable solution development part 4 – Governance


Governance, probably one of the most overused and misunderstood word in SharePoint? What does it means to you? For us, it is all about your ability to manage and control your solutions within SharePoint. In webparts360 that starts at the development stage by ensuring that your system is properly documented. In fact, it is much more easier to build the solution if you document it. Documentations such as your data dictionary, entities relationship diagrams, process workflow maps, site maps and etc… are produced as part of the process of building the solutions.

Once you have completed building the solution and tested it, you can then publish it to an application repository (similar to AppStore) where sites administrators can deploy this solutions to the various departmentals that wishes to deploy and use their own instance of the solutions. If you intend to change the solutions, you can turn on the web parts version control so that you can always revert to a previous working state of the solution.

Since AppStudio is a repository for all the components in your portal, you get to SEE your solution from a farm level, drill down to a web app, a site collection and finally into a sub site where the solution resides. Within the solution, you can see all its components: from lists, pages, groups, relationships, pages and all the web parts within. Essentially, you can browse through the entire solutions contents by resources or logical modules view point. Truly, delivering solutions that you can see.

Visibility that helps you to control your solutions better. Now, that is governance. Can you see your solutions?


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