Looking into 2015’s crystal ball…

Well, 2014 passed by in a flash. And if you were wondering why we have been rather quiet last year, that’s because we busy redesigning our 2015’s crystal ball. In fact, it was such a cloudy year in 2014 that unless we made a substantial investment for Office365 and SharePoint online, we could be facing a major challenges this new year.

Last year’s SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas was the last (SPC will be combined into Ignite slated for May 4-8 in Chicago, IL) and with this, Microsoft is pushing to cloud or nothing strategy.  Customers with more than 250+ users have been advised to signed up for EA with Office365 as a new OPEX model of delivering workplace management solutions that is more cost effective. Moreover, Microsoft claims that the next version of SharePoint will also be their last on-premise edition.

What this means is that change is coming regardless whether you are ready or not. What does this mean if you are one of the many SP administrator who used to make a living by installing and configuring on premise servers when you move to the cloud? ?ow useful will all your powershell scripting skills become? And what happens if you are great at writing webparts with .NET, how can you apply your skills when you cannot install any DLLs unto O365? What will many recently renewed MVPs talk about as much of SharePoint on-premise story gets less and less traction. Indeed, it’s going to be a brave new world

So that’s why we are also changing our solution into a cloud service. We should begin beta-testing of our AppStudio for Office365 version by February. In the next upcoming weeks, we will share some of the new capabilities with our clients. We envision O365 users will look to it beyond content management to a cloud applications platform that will compete more favorably against Salesforce AppExchange.

So if you want to look into the future and plan for the cloud, do contact us and we will be happy to welcome you on board our new endeavor. Here’s to making 2015 an exciting year !

Happy 2015,

Rico Ho


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