How to use Webparts360 to build business solutions for Office365? (Part 1)

Webparts360 is a library of web parts that transform Office365 into a business applications platform. It essentially provides advanced data entry forms with transaction processing, business workflow and advanced reporting capabilities that are required for business solutions. It can incorporate external LOB data with SharePoint contents so that you can analyse the results as a relational database. With it, you can construct business solutions such as procurement, customer service, employee self-service, projects management and just about any other business processes.

Our unique advantage is that you can do all this without any programming. It is easy to learn and typically three times faster to deliver solutions than traditional development approach. All you need is to be familiar with our designer, have a good understanding of data management concepts and knows the process well. Yes, it is a tool designed for business analyst. For advanced scenarios, you can leverage on your knowledge of T-SQL and JavaScript.

But I am sure you are not interested in any my claims, perhaps a better way is for you to experience the journey and judge for yourself. We are starting our beta testing and are looking for interested customers to journey along with us. This is Part 1 of this series which will take you through this process. If you are interested to be a pioneer at building solutions for Office365, please send me an email to rico (at) webparts360 (dot) com. This limited invitation is only applicable to current Office365 subscribers.

As a teaser, here are some screen shots of the solutions that you can build and run on your own Office365 environment.

Project PortfolioProject Porfolio – You can see all the projects and associated tasks that are assigned to you.

Project Workspace - Tasks

Project Workspace – You can see all milestones and tasks for a particular project
Project TeamProject Team – Manage all the team members and external contacts associated with this project.
Project DocumentationsProject Documentations – Where all incoming and outgoing documentations are kept.

Automatic Documents Generation

You can create a standard of document templates to automate creation of documents
ReportsReports and analysis that consolidate data across all projects.

Would you be able to build this solution on Office365? How long will it take you to build this solution?

If you are curious check out the video at Building a PMO Office

So if you are interested to have this run on your Office365 environment, don’t forget to drop me an email at rico (at) webparts360 (dot) com. I will be waiting…


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