How to activate webparts360 for Office365?

This article gives you a step-by-step guide on how to add Webparts360 to your Office365 environment. Disclamer: Please note that this will only work after you have signed up for Webparts360. Without an active Webparts360 account, this process will NOT work. Also, you must be the Office365 administrator before you can perform this task.

To begin, go to the Office365 Admin site. Just press on the apps button on the far left corner.


Click on Admin icon and you will see the following screen.

O365AdminClick under Admin (below tools) and select SharePoint.


You will now see the following SharePoint administrator screen.


You will need to create a special site collection (app catalog) to store your web parts. Click on apps and select App Catalog.

Apps Catalog

Then you will see the following screen. Select the create option…


Then fill up the Title and web site address. Make sure you put in the site administrator and allocate at least 110MB for space and 10 for resources. Don’t worry, this site is only for storage not processing.

appcatalogsettingsClick OK and it start creating the site collections. This process may take a few minutes…


When its completed, key in the url and navigate to it. There, you will see the following site, click on the link called “Apps for SharePoint”…


Then you will see…


Press upload and select the associated webparts360 registration file that we have sent you from the directory that you have save it. It’s the “*.app” that you need to register.

Webparts360 package

Once you have uploaded it, a property page will appear…

AppletuploadingPress OK to upload file. Repeat for the next four other file in that directory. Then you will see the following…

appstoreOnce you uploaded all the file, change the URL to app catalog site collection location, e.g. Then key in the client ID, client secret. The App Domain is The correct values for each web part is in the Excel file that came with the web parts package.


Once all the web parts are activated, create a new site collection for your Webparts360 apps. Go to the SharePoint site collection administration screen to create it.

SPAdminOnce you have created it, navigate to the new site collection site settings page. Select site apps permission.

Site App Permission

Within this page you will see your site collection guid which we need to create your unique workspace for Webparts360. Send us your url and the App Identifier so that we can activate your environment.

AppIdentiferOnce that activation process is completed, you can start using Webparts360… I apologize if this process seemed rather complicated but it is beyond my control as this is the standard way to register apps in Office365.

Now that this is done, what do you want to build today?



  1. Does it let us create sharepoint lists like via your UI with relationships. We do not want to use database just lists. Do you have only that part which we can use to create lists

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