Business mashups on Office 365


While Office 365 delivers a high level of user productivity on the cloud, each of its workloads is delivered in separate modules. However, when you are working on a business process, you might need all of your emails, contacts, calendar, documents and lists to complete the task. Hence when you are switching between these modules, it may slow you down or even distract you. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could create a process folder that aggregate all the related information that you need for better collaboration and informed decision making.

That is the vision of Webparts360 AppStudio for Office 365! It is a next generation cloud application development tool that allows you to re-use the different O365 contents into a business context, such as projects management, procurement, employee self-service and etc… It even allows you to incorporate back end corporate data securely so that you can apply business rules to automate business processes. Since it can see data across the platform, it is the ideal platform for delivering a single view of work.


Figure 1: Process Summary

By changing the focus from contents to business context, your users will be able to focus on business outcomes rather than tasks.


This allows you to customize the user’s interface so that their favorite functions are a single click away.


It provides quick access to the various activities or business transactions but instead of giving you one content at a time, it can combine all related contents that are necessary for decision making.


Figure 5: Organization Chart


Since all solutions can share a common reporting or authorization structure, it is much easier to manage and add solutions centrally that leverage off a common definition.

Process DefinitionsFigure 6: Common System Modules Repository


Figure 7: Employee Directory

But the real magic of Webparts360 lies in its applications development tool that sees across all the contents with Office 365. It’s a solutions’ architect dream as it allows you to “see” into your platform.


Figure 8: View all solutions in a farm

With a single click, it will reveal the details of a solution.


Figure 9: Solution Details – Allows you to see all the contents and design of a solution


Figure 10: Entities Relationships Diagram – Data Model


Figure 11: Modules with a solution (drill into each web parts)

To manage the solution’s interface, just click to access the specific web part.


Figure 12: Web part Configuration – Allows you to control the interface and behavior of an interface element with your solution

SolutionModules ViewDefinition

Figure 13: Controlling behavior of user interface (Datagrid Interface)


Figure 14: Or controlling a business process (workflow)

In summary, Webparts360 AppStudio gives you complete control over Office 365 contents so that you can create business solutions quickly and easily. IT gains better visibility and control by having a design console that sees across all applications and allows you to control every aspect of the solution. Contact us today to unleash the true potential of your investment in Office 365!


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