Sneak previews from our mobility lab

I am so excited that I have to spill the beans. I just finished a meeting with our developers. They have just testing their first run on our mobile connector for Webparts360 for Office365. It is a Android app that connects to the solutions that you build on SharePoint online with our tool. Essentially, it allows you to publish selected of the web parts so that you can navigate between different apps, items and then into the specific form so that you can add and edit the data.

mAlerts mSolutions mForm mItems
MobileAlerts The core design objectives for our mobility extension is to provide the right information to the right person at the right time.

But the right time usually is not when the person is in front of their computer. So pushing these activities to their mobile devices are the best way to get it to them.

So, we added a new action in Webparts360 for pushing notifications to your mobile devices where they can easily what’s waiting for them.

Login When they click on the notification messages, it will drill down into the app.

Users simply login into the app using your Office365 authentication. You do this once as it can save your login credentials to make it single sign-on until you reset your password.

Then you get to see all the solutions that are published to you. Remember, your mobile apps is a personalized channel of your cloud solutions. So only the apps that you have access to are visible to you. It may different for each employee as they are likely to have different roles,

You can specify different icons for each solution to help you identify them easily.

MobileItems Once inside the solution, you can see all the items that are waiting for you. One click and you can access each transaction.

It shows you who sent the requests, when they sent it and what it is about.

It’s all about connecting you to the work that you need to complete.

MobileForm Within each form, you have all the usual controls that are available with your normal forms.

Once you post the forms, all the associated actions and transaction processing that you have defined in your solutions will run in the background.

Viola, mobile forms on demand.

We love to hear from you on new ideas on to incorporate mobile capabilities/features into our web forms.

I know it is early days but when I think of how Karen from HR is able to build a mobile leave request app without any programming, it simply sends goosebumps down my spine.

Recently, a CIO from a leading construction firm was sharing from me about his challenges that he was facing from his company’s new recruits. Almost everyone who joins them uses at least 20 apps on their mobile phone. They are used to touch on their computing device and expects to do everything on the go. So when they are asked to use a desktop to fill up Excel and send emails for simple requests, they roll their eyes in disbelief – what a dinosaur company? Sadly, many of them will leave after six months…

No wonder HR all over the world are having a tough time with Gen-Y’s ! Now with Office365 powered by Webparts360, Karen can “out-app” them. What do you think? How many mobile apps does your company have today? Isn’t it time to start? Do contact us if you want to begin on this journey.


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