Opportunities for Microsoft’s CSP

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program enables partners to package and resell Office365 services to their customers. They can provision, support and bill their customers directly for Microsoft’s cloud services. Today, many telco’s are bundling their broadband subscription together with the CSP program to leverage on the momentum of Office365 and to gain a long term slice of the annuity business.

Therefore, there’s a pressing need for CSP to value add to O365 offerings so that they can differentiate in the market. So what kind of features and functionalities will deliver the best value to your customers? Some thinks it’s about delivering good support and service – I wonder how much effort will it take to beat Microsoft at their own game. Yet, others thinks that it’s about providing enterprise IT solutions such as SAM (software asset management) – but the fastest growing segment for cloud services is small and medium sized businesses, therefore I am not convinced that ease of managing licenses matters to them.

Personally, I think it is around the area of delivering SaaS such as CRM, projects management, employee self-service and etc… Since they already have their emails, calendars, contacts and documents on Office365, let’s provide them with the capability to reorganize all these contents to address specific business processes to deliver better business outcomes. After all, who wants to look for information when it can find you.

Let’s see who is delivering cloud based business solutions, Here is the more popular cloud software vendors, including:

Solution Name Functions Cost per user/month
SalesForce Customer Relationship Management $25-250
Highrise Customer Relationship Management $24-99
ZohoCRM* Customer Relationship Management $12-35
Basecamp Projects Management $20-150
Clarizen Projects Management $30-60
Workday Human Capital Management $8-16
Tenrox* Professional Services Management $6-40
Arena Product Life Cycle Management $100
ServiceNow Helpdesk $100
Jira* Service Desk $10-25

And the list goes on…These are standard solutions where you can sign up and use almost immediately. However, they reside on their own cloud servers and it may not be an easy task to integrate it to your current corporate data. What about customization? That’s additional services and costs on top of your subscription, assuming if it is even possible. Did you notice that the subscriptions for solutions are much higher than that for productivity suite?

What if all these solutions were available on Office365? What if you can deploy these solutions unto Office365 within minutes? What if you could customize and connect the data back to your back end database securely? What if these solutions runs on your mobile devices as well?

And that’s the sweet spot for Webparts360. Here are the key benefits for Webparts360 solutions:

  • Fully customizable and extensible solutions
  • Seamless connectivity with O365 contents and LOB data
  • Secured by Office365 authentication
  • No programming, visual development approach
  • Leverage on a single platform for all solutions
  • Easily package and deploy complete solutions
  • Delivers a single view of work
  • Mobile ready

So if you want to differentiate your CSP offering, contact us and let us show you some of the ready solutions templates that might just help to make your program fly!


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