Looking ahead into 2016

This is going to be an exciting year for those who are using and working on SharePoint. In fact, Christmas came early in November for some of us who have been working on SharePoint 2016 when they released beta 2. Hence, we are most likely looking at a spring release. This will make Ignite 2016 in Atlanta on Sept 26-30 the most important event for the year. That leaves 266 days for us to make help our clients to build a remarkable possibility with SP2016. What should we do?

You see, Webparts360 is already running on SP2016 since its first IT preview release. That means building business critical applications with it is NO longer a problem. Our clients have been doing that since 2007. Today, we have several government agencies and large enterprises running all kind of business critical systems and processes on it, built mostly by their own IT team. For instance, check out www.might.org.my to see how a prime minister office agency in charge of innovation uses it to power all their business processes.

We have just launched our new SVG charting web part that leverages on the power of D3.js code base to replace the old SilverLight charts. We will continue to add more type of charts as we see fit. Do share your feedback with us so that we can prioritize our development effort.

Last year, we launched Webparts360 mobile connector for Office365 that allows you to extend your O365 apps into your mobile devices. We will introduce that to SP2016 on premise as well. In fact, the most exciting development is the ability for on premise customers to leverage on O365 cloud infrastructure to run the solutions as hybrid solutions. Public cloud, private data. This will be well suited for building applications that are targeted to customers and suppliers because Office 365 allows you to share your cloud resources for free.

So if you have an application that you want to run on Office 365, do contact us to explore the possibilities. In fact, if your solution is that good, we will invest by building it to run on the cloud for you for free so that we can grow the market together.



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