Reducing full page refresh

One of the complains about using web parts is that you need to do a full page refresh each time, you add or change some contents. This usually makes the page looks a bit sluggish.

So we challenged our developers to come up with a better way to refresh specific web parts without having to do a full page post back. The main idea is to make it possible for web parts to communicate with one another. For instance, in the following example, clicking on the topics section (left) refreshes only the item listing web part (center), and clicking on the item, it will display the details web part (left). And when you make any changes to the detail web part, it refreshes on the listing web part (center).


This is a common requirement in building responsive interfaces but is rather difficult to do. I hope our users will appreciate how simple it is to configure such behavior using Webparts360.

To achieve this, we introduced a new concept called commands broadcasting. Now whenever you create a web part, you can define commands that invoke a refresh for only a specific web part.

Within each web part, you can set up listener commands that either refresh the contents with the web part, or a separate web part (navigate web part) or to run a JavaScript.CommandListen

Then, in the corresponding web parts that is within the same page, you can broadcast a command to the listening web part to invoke the respective action whenever data are added or changed.


So in this example, this web part will invoke the RefreshAll command after it have inserted a new comment.

View this video to see this new feature at work.


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