Employee self-service on Office 365

While Microsoft Office 365 does a good job at managing your contents on your cloud, but as employees we are charged to deliver results, not just contents. In this series of blogs, I will share how we build solutions on Office 365 using Webparts360 to deliver on business context (outcomes) rather than contents (means).

For instance, let’s start with the first one, HR – employee self-service. Since most of your employees are most likely using Office 365, HR related solutions works well to drive user’s adoption. In the case of employee self-service, it is usually around the following processes, namely:

  • Leave requests and approval
  • Overtime claims
  • Medical claims
  • Expenses reimbursements

To facilitate these functions, you will need the following:

  • Work calendar & public holidays
  • Leave benefits tracking & entitlement calculation
  • Company reporting hierarchy and employee directory

For the standard version, we adopt the normal approval workflow for each process, including:

  1. Head of Department Approval
  2. HR Executives
  3. HR Managers

Here are some screen shots of the system.

The benefits of this system is to enable your managers and HR team to centrally process all of their HR requests. Of course, considering that this solution is 100% configured, it is possible to add more HR processes to extend your employee self-service capabilities. Do connect with us, if you would want to have this workload running on your Office 365. We look to hear from you.



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