Ideas Management on SharePoint

Getting the best ideas from your employees

The ideas management system is a solution quick start template developed to help accelerate the development of such a system.


Figure 1: Standard Ideation Process

This solution only covers the idea management portion as illustrated above, including:

  • Allow stakeholders to launch campaign to capture ideas
  • Allow all employees and experts to vote and provide feedback
  • Allow idea administrators to select and prioritize ideas as “winners”

Solution Approach

The main idea behind this solution is to provide a centralized areas where the various stakeholders can share their challenges so that they can get input from the employees.

  • Process stakeholders can published their requests based on a time-based campaigns
  • Employees can submit their ideas for evaluation for the available campaigns
  • Process owners can review the ideas and approve them for feedback
  • Other employees can offer their feedback on ideas submitted
  • Finally, process owners can select the winners

This uses a social network approach to get more feedback from the employees. The main idea is to create a community of innovators where process owners can engage to solve their specific challenges.

Screen shots

This is the main login screen.


Figure 2: Main Landing Screen – To celebrate top innovators and ideas


Figure 3: Campaign Management


Figure 4: Campaign Creation


Figure 5: Campaign Details – where you can add your ideas


Figure 6: Ideas Submission/Capture


Figure 7: See all of my ideas submitted


Figure 8: New Ideas pending approval


Figure 9: Approving ideas for voting


Figure 10: Ideas Listing – Ready for Vote & Likes


Figure 11: Access idea details to view related documents and give comments



Figure 12: Reports & Analysis

Security Groups and Roles

The following are the different groups and their roles/responsibilities:

Role Purpose Functions
Ideas Administrator Overall administrator of system ·   Manage permission control

·   Manage systems definition

Campaign Owners Stakeholders of campaigns ·   Create campaigns

·   Approve ideas for voting

·   Select winners and close campaigns

All Employees Everyone ·         Submit ideas

·         Attach documents

·         Like ideas

·         Vote ideas

·         Add comments or provide feedback



  1. How much custom develop was used to build this into Sharepoint? Does this use standard Sharepoint functionality?

    1. Webparts360 was used to develop this solution. It leverages off the standard features of SharePoint such as custom list, document libraries, groups permissions and of course, all the interface pages are stored and managed within SharePoint.

      1. Is there any way to get a copy of this as a template? People would pay for this. it’s exactly the type of sharepoint template I’m looking for, for a Medium sized start-up that is just starting to create an Idea/Knowledge Management System.

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