e-Forms on Office 365


e-Form system design is consisting of the following modules:

  1. AGM – Approver Groups Management
  2. Calendar – determines the working days, hours and public holidays
  3. Consolidated Dashboard – to centralize all requests
  4. e-Forms – individual workloads
Since Office 365 is the intranet of choice for all your contents and documents, using it to transform your organization into a paperLESS environment is among one of the best way to maximize more its ROI.

And to help you get started, Webparts360 provides an e-form accelerator that makes this journey even easier and faster. This solution is designed using 4 separate solutions to ensure better re-usability in terms of data and processes.

At the core of this system is the consolidated dashboard that acts a central inbox for all approvals. When they need to submit a new request, they will fill it up in the respective forms solutions (e.g. e-Form 1, e-Form 2 & etc…)

Each of this form will re-use common business definitions such as approver groups and working calendars that are managed by the respective administrators. Each form will contain their own workflow logic and definitions resulting in a system that is easy to manage and to expand.


Here are the most common requirements that are expected in an e-form solution, including:

  • User definable forms
  • User definable workflow routing
  • User definable email notifications
  • Reusable approval groups across all forms
  • Approvals with delegation options and audit trails
  • Supporting documents repository
  • Requester and approver’s commentaries
  • Dashboards for approver and requester for outstanding tasks

The process to implement an e-form is relatively simple:

  1. Customize form – columns, look up and validations
  2. Define workflow – sequence, approval mode (parallel, sequential)
  3. Define approval groups
  4. Run and monitor

Here are some of the benefits/features of this solution, including:

1 – Consolidated Approval Dashboard – see all your requests/approval in a single place.


2- Centralized Approver Groups – simplify authority management


3- Delegation of approvals


4- Flexible workflow configuration options




Fully customizable and extensible to suit your business needs. Do give us your feedback on your needs, we love to hear from you.



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