About Us

We believe that SharePoint can be a very sustainable application development platform. When we say “sustainable”, we refer to the time, effort and ease of maintaining the solutions that you build. You save time because SharePoint already provides everything you need is already there; from user credentials, security, content management. All you need to do is to add the business logic. We make it easy and empower you to do everything from the browser. And since the system is self-documented, it is much easier for everyone to understand and change the solution when needed.

We are proud of our clients who use our tool everyday to build many different business critical solutions such as corporate budgeting, program management, projects management, employee self-service, help desk, CRM, procurement, and countless business process automation solutions with it. Their imagination never ceases to amaze me and I am glad they getting a tremendous ROI from SharePoint.

We like to think that we offer the most comprehensive applications development framework for SharePoint. To date, our tool allows you to build and run a solution in SharePoint 2007 or 2010 or 2013 or Office365 and even the next version SharePoint 2016. Of course, it also handles the packaging, upgrading and deployment of your customized solutions across the different versions.

CRN Solutions have been a Microsoft ISV partner since 2001. Ever since winning Microsoft’s “Collaboration Product of the Year ” award in 2003, we have been innovating and delivering on the promise of sustainable applications development on SharePoint. Considering how many times this platform have been upgraded, I am both proud and relieved that our framework have survived the test of time. I attribute its longevity due to simplicity and elegance of its design. Imagine all the thousands of different solutions that our clients have built, using only three web parts. Now that’s truly the power of Webparts360 – the web parts for all season!

We have enjoyed a long history of working with some of the biggest names/brands in the business to deliver a vast variety of business solutions. And we are still learning… So if you are facing any challenges with SharePoint, we would love to explore with you on how to make building solutions for your organization an easier and more sustainable task.


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