Webparts360 is a rapid application development tool that makes it possible for business users to leverage on Microsoft’s productivity platform to build their own solutions WITHOUT any programming.  This means you can drive adoption and consumption of your cloud platform while reducing training and support costs by empowering them to do more with less. Delivering business agility by making it easier and faster to renovate Office365 to handle business workloads on the cloud and mobile devices.

Webparts360 provides a standard library of configurable widgets that enables you to build different business workloads such as projects management, employee self-service, business process automation and etc… It transforms Office365 into a applications on demand platform where you can securely combine your line-of-business data with cloud contents such as sites, lists, documents, contacts, calendar and email into business solutions that delivers a single view of work to increase your team’s productivity and responsiveness.

Complete application development tool. We make it possible to build complete solutions that includes both corporate data and cloud data that addresses all the input, process and output requirements of a solution. It also provides the capability to package and deploy complete solutions from development to production sites quickly.

Standardized visual solution framework. Webparts360 provides you with a visual designer so that you can see and manage all the components that makes up your solution – data model, process flow and modular site map


Applications on demand. Our customers having been using Webparts360 since MOSS 2007 to build all kinds of collaborative business applications. To date, it remains the ONLY application development tool that supports and runs solutions from SP2007 to SP2010 to SP2013 to O365 and now to SP2016. We deliver best-of-breed applications management solutions that transforms every solution into a re-usable software assets because every solution built with it is 100% configurable and extensible.



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